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Car Suspension Problems

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Your vehicle’s suspension system keeps your tires on the road and the wheels in line. Many components make up the suspension system, working together to ensure a smooth and safe ride. Let’s take a look at some noticeable car suspension problems and their symptoms.

Common Car Suspension Problems

When every part of your suspension is functioning properly, most drivers won’t give them any thought. One damaged part, however, can lead to several issues. Here are a few common signs that your car has a suspension issue.

1. Steering Difficulty

Your steering system is tied directly to the vehicle’s suspension. If something in the suspension is off, you’ll likely feel it when you steer. For instance, most drivers will notice when their vehicle starts pulling to one side.

Suspension system problems often lead to steering issues. They can be caused by other factors, including a failing power steering pump, low or leaking power steering fluid, or worn steering column bushings. Regardless of the cause, driving with steering issues is never safe.

2. Dipping When Braking

if your suspension is having problems, it’s likely you’ll notice the front end dipping excessively when braking. When this occurs, the forward momentum combined with the car’s weight sends a lot of force to the front end.

Bad car suspension can cause all of the weight to push the front end downward. You may even start to feel a rocking motion once you come to a complete stop.

3. Rolling To Side When Cornering

This can be similar to the dipping sensation. Your vehicle can begin rolling to the side when you corner with car suspension problems. Without the right support, the car’s weight can shift more dramatically when turning. This will make it feel like your car is rolling toward one side.

4. Pulling To One Side

When a car is pulling to one side, it is the most obvious sign of a suspension problem. If one or more of the suspension components is malfunctioning or damaged, it can alter your car’s alignment.

Damaged components, however, are not always the culprit behind the pulling. Improper wheel alignment can be impacted by the suspension system. Something as simple as driving over a pothole can cause the wheels to become unaligned.

5. Car Bouncing

It is possible that you’ll feel every bump and dip while you are driving. Suspension components, such as shocks and springs, absorb the impact from uneven roads. This means damaged struts or coil springs may not lessen the impacts properly, which causes the vehicle to bounce.

6. One Side Feels Lower

The suspension system isn’t just responsible for providing a smooth ride. It can also help support the vehicle overall. If one or more suspension components are damaged, you could feel the car is sitting lower on one of the sides. It may even be visible from outside of your car.

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