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Brake Fluid Change Cost

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Hydraulic brake systems need brake fluid in order to compress brake pads against rotors at the wheels, which is responsible for the vehicle slowing and stopping. Most vehicles will use about a quart of brake fluid to flush your system, costing between $10-$20. Let’s take a look at other factors, such as labor rates and flushes, that can change the total cost of this service.

How Much Does Brake Fluid Change Cost?

$10-$20 is the typical price range of a quart of brake fluid needed to flush the system. Most labor charges will range from $50-$100. Typically, when a professional auto repair shop performs this service, the total cost will be around $100.

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What Does Brake Fluid Do?

As mentioned, brake fluid is needed within the hydraulic brake system to ultimately slow and stop your vehicle. The fluid is pressurized in the master cylinder of the car when you step on the brake. This motion is sent to the calipers at each wheel through a system of hoses and pipes.

For nearly a century, car brake systems have relied on the pressure from the driver’s foot to actuate the master cylinder. However, recent technology has changed more vehicles to electronically actuated master cylinders.

Which Type Of Brake Fluid Should You Use?

Always check your owner’s manual to determine which fluid is right for your brake system. The owner’s manual could indicate on the top of the brake fluid filter cap as to which fluid is appropriate for your car. While most vehicles use DOT 3 or DOT 4 fluid, this can fluctuate.

There are four different brake fluid types used today, including the following:

Why Do Brake Fluid Boiling Points Matter?

Dry boiling points are measured with fluid that has not been exposed to the atmosphere or absorbed any moisture whatsoever. Wet boiling points, meanwhile, use a fluid that has been contaminated with 3.7% water for measurement.

All glycol-based fluid types can absorb water through either worn seals or rubber hoses. Heavy braking can result in pads, rotors, and calipers heating up to the point of boiling the moisture in the fluid. When the moisture boils and turns into a gas, it can reduce the ability of the system to pressure the brakes.

This means the wet boiling points matter because they represent outside temperatures at which fluids can still be effective.

How Often To Change Brake Fluid In Your Car

Brake fluid changes are part of routine maintenance for all vehicles. Over time, fluid can become less effective, and eventually wear out. It’s recommended that drivers change their brake fluid every two years. However, if you live in a mountainous area or drive often, you should consider changing the fluid once per year.

*These are cost estimates according to AutoZone. Contact the team at Heath’s Auto Service for more information!

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